Another update because I barely ever check this page.

I'm still open for commissions, got my paypal set up and I've got a lot of time and energy to draw lately. Contact me if you want something and I'll see if I can do it.

Now I want to talk about AWFUS

AWFUS is a travesty involving crippling self-loathing, social oppression, fingers, and a water cooler. It premiered at an amateur Toronto film festival in front of ~200 people, and received loads of laughs, some heartfelt tears, and the staff even let us walk out the door right after it was shown.

This is the first co-directed film between Soliloquous and I, so go see it and see his page too.

We have another project in the works, but right now, go watch his animations because they exist.

I'll keep posting art here whenever I do digital stuff, which is not often enough.


The FIRST thing is a general question that goes out to anyone reading this who likes the work I've produced so far including my work on FOLI and the long-awaited AWFUS coming never to Soliloquous' page. Is there anything you want to see more of? I'm open to suggestions, because this page has just become a dump for whatever I want to draw. Just comment on this post with your opinion, and know that I don't have a lot of restrictions on my work.


I am looking to make... MONEY... off my drawings.  As of right now, the general rate I'm doing for commission work is

$3 for a cleaned-up(ish) sketch,

$10 for a character with basic colors + minimalist background,

$15 for a full character drawing with shading and color.

$20 for only a landscape/background sketch,

$25 for a character with background (will give other estimates based on on complexity).

(+$10 for every extra character in a picture up to 3 extra characters)

Again, these are general prices that apply to most work I will do. If it involves certain extra things or will take more time than a normal drawing, I will tell you and we can settle on a price. In terms of stuff I don't regularly do, we can talk it over and I'll see what I'm good with, and that icludes furry/pony and fetish-y stuff.

No refunds, I will not re-do your drawing, PayPal only, and CONCEPT DETAIL IS IMPORTANT AND HELPS ME MAKE YOU HAPPY. If you have a character and only describe it to me in words, don't expect to see EXACTLY what you wanted. Sketches could take a week to a month to three months, depending on the medium you want. Mail me and we will negotiate your commission, but don't expect to talk me down on the price unless you're blowing more than a hundred bucks on this. Thanks.

Back on Newgrounds

2016-09-04 15:23:56 by magnesiumflint

So it finally hit me that tumblr is really a shit.

I wasn't going to go the avenue of purely posting fanart for likes and publicity, and the community is pretty toxic for the most part. That said, there are a few REALLY great artists I came to like (and who seem to get along very well with other artists) such as Daclusia, Noill, Herny, and Joe Lasko. True patricians of SFW and NSFW cartoons alike who were in it to doodle monsters, memes, and big tiddies.

Back to what I was saying though:

I don't see much of a future in tumblr, and it always seemed to me that the artists who thrived were the ones who managed to isolate themselves the most. As such, most of my posting will be on Newgrounds, where even if none of my art garners respect or notice, I can at least feel pretty good about being a part of keeping one of the spawning pools of internet cartooning/music/gamemaking/filmmaking alive.

I really mean it this time.. I think.. yeah.

I won't be supplanting much of my art except the really good ones, so here are the blog links:


tl;dr: I'm here to stay, and any support I can get is much appreciated.

Promise I'll make more posts in the next while

Anatomy - Skeleton Study

2013-08-16 03:37:38 by magnesiumflint

An anatomy study I did for Honry, so I thought I'd put it up here too.

Just a random nude picture I found on google images and did my skeleton drawing process over it, just to give a better idea. My anatomy designs and skeletons are based on Andrew Loomis' figure process.

Few tips:

-The whole torso is the equivalent of roughly 3 heads high on an average human being (about 7 heads tall). It is divided into two parts where the ribcage ends.

-The elbow joint is most often immediately at or a little bit below the midriff line.

-The wrist is usually just under the hip line (when the figure is standing up).

-Bottoms of breasts (considering their weight and perkiness) are usually between a third to a half way up the torso (Unless they sag heavily, like in old women and hentai girls)

-Bellybuttons are almost always dead center on the bottom half of the torso.

-Where the vertical bisector line (spine) meets the collarbone, on an average-sized, standing, relaxed woman, the neck has a visible curve at about 45 degrees from the bisector line.

Again, I'm not saying this way is for everybody, and I'm certainly not saying this is what everyone should use (I'm not a good teacher, methinks) but if anyone is curious about my methods for figure drawing, I'm posting it.

Anatomy - Skeleton Study

Aeris ink

2013-08-16 03:13:07 by magnesiumflint

Aeris from VG Cats I drew a while back.

If you don't know what it is, pleeease Google it, it's a great comic and Scott is a great artist.

I do not own VG Cats, and all credit for the character goes to Scott Ramsoomair.

Aeris ink


2013-08-16 02:59:17 by magnesiumflint

where da tribal wimmin at?


More Slime

2013-08-16 02:26:38 by magnesiumflint

Sorry about the shadow, I'm an amateur cartoonist, not a photographer.

Hoo boy, MOAR slimegirls. This time done completely in ink.

More Slime

I figure I should start this account off right with some work I did recently. Hope you like slime!

Sharpie pen, pencil crayon, pencil.

First Post Ever (hurr durr)