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2016-09-04 15:23:56 by magnesiumflint

So it finally hit me that tumblr is really a shit.

I wasn't going to go the avenue of purely posting fanart for likes and publicity, and the community is pretty toxic for the most part. That said, there are a few REALLY great artists I came to like (and who seem to get along very well with other artists) such as Daclusia, Noill, Herny, and Joe Lasko. True patricians of SFW and NSFW cartoons alike who were in it to doodle monsters, memes, and big tiddies.

Back to what I was saying though:

I don't see much of a future in tumblr, and it always seemed to me that the artists who thrived were the ones who managed to isolate themselves the most. As such, most of my posting will be on Newgrounds, where even if none of my art garners respect or notice, I can at least feel pretty good about being a part of keeping one of the spawning pools of internet cartooning/music/gamemaking/filmmaking alive.

I really mean it this time.. I think.. yeah.

I won't be supplanting much of my art except the really good ones, so here are the blog links:


tl;dr: I'm here to stay, and any support I can get is much appreciated.


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2016-09-04 17:22:20

It's very strange as @Dronelocker has said. Tumblr and 4chan and Reddit seem to be extremely critical places, leading one to think perhaps it is a more elite arena. There a thin line separating esoteric criticism and outright hating. Newgrounds has some of the two, so beware.


2016-09-04 22:10:29

No place is immune, but I find the criticism here to be based much more on what people really think as opposed to how well it fits into a certain category or style. Tumblr just seems a bit more cold in my experience.


2016-09-19 10:39:53

Welcome back to the grounds of groovy greatness!Looking forward to whatever you get to posting.