Anatomy - Skeleton Study

2013-08-16 03:37:38 by magnesiumflint

An anatomy study I did for Honry, so I thought I'd put it up here too.

Just a random nude picture I found on google images and did my skeleton drawing process over it, just to give a better idea. My anatomy designs and skeletons are based on Andrew Loomis' figure process.

Few tips:

-The whole torso is the equivalent of roughly 3 heads high on an average human being (about 7 heads tall). It is divided into two parts where the ribcage ends.

-The elbow joint is most often immediately at or a little bit below the midriff line.

-The wrist is usually just under the hip line (when the figure is standing up).

-Bottoms of breasts (considering their weight and perkiness) are usually between a third to a half way up the torso (Unless they sag heavily, like in old women and hentai girls)

-Bellybuttons are almost always dead center on the bottom half of the torso.

-Where the vertical bisector line (spine) meets the collarbone, on an average-sized, standing, relaxed woman, the neck has a visible curve at about 45 degrees from the bisector line.

Again, I'm not saying this way is for everybody, and I'm certainly not saying this is what everyone should use (I'm not a good teacher, methinks) but if anyone is curious about my methods for figure drawing, I'm posting it.

Anatomy - Skeleton Study


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2013-08-16 12:39:27

This will probably help me prevent myself from making my disproportionate body horrors that I call people.


2013-08-16 16:27:52

Thanks again for doing this, at 2am also, thank yoo