Two things I wanted to mention

2016-10-04 20:54:41 by magnesiumflint

The FIRST thing is a general question that goes out to anyone reading this who likes the work I've produced so far including my work on FOLI and the long-awaited AWFUS coming never to Soliloquous' page. Is there anything you want to see more of? I'm open to suggestions, because this page has just become a dump for whatever I want to draw. Just comment on this post with your opinion, and know that I don't have a lot of restrictions on my work.


I am looking to make... MONEY... off my drawings.  As of right now, the general rate I'm doing for commission work is

$3 for a cleaned-up(ish) sketch,

$10 for a character with basic colors + minimalist background,

$15 for a full character drawing with shading and color.

$20 for only a landscape/background sketch,

$25 for a character with background (will give other estimates based on on complexity).

(+$10 for every extra character in a picture up to 3 extra characters)

Again, these are general prices that apply to most work I will do. If it involves certain extra things or will take more time than a normal drawing, I will tell you and we can settle on a price. In terms of stuff I don't regularly do, we can talk it over and I'll see what I'm good with, and that icludes furry/pony and fetish-y stuff.

No refunds, I will not re-do your drawing, PayPal only, and CONCEPT DETAIL IS IMPORTANT AND HELPS ME MAKE YOU HAPPY. If you have a character and only describe it to me in words, don't expect to see EXACTLY what you wanted. Sketches could take a week to a month to three months, depending on the medium you want. Mail me and we will negotiate your commission, but don't expect to talk me down on the price unless you're blowing more than a hundred bucks on this. Thanks.


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