Entry #9

AWFUS, and a friendly merchant who wants to sell you a quality product

2017-01-26 14:42:10 by magnesiumflint

Another update because I barely ever check this page.

I'm still open for commissions, got my paypal set up and I've got a lot of time and energy to draw lately. Contact me if you want something and I'll see if I can do it.

Now I want to talk about AWFUS

AWFUS is a travesty involving crippling self-loathing, social oppression, fingers, and a water cooler. It premiered at an amateur Toronto film festival in front of ~200 people, and received loads of laughs, some heartfelt tears, and the staff even let us walk out the door right after it was shown.

This is the first co-directed film between Soliloquous and I, so go see it and see his page too.


We have another project in the works, but right now, go watch his animations because they exist.

I'll keep posting art here whenever I do digital stuff, which is not often enough.



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